Startups Give Back San Diego

Laura Munkholm

Laura Munkholm

Chapter Leader

Laura Munkholm is the President and Co-Founder of Walla, Studio Management Software for the next generation of Fitness Studios. She lives and works by the motto that happiness is the highest form of health. Prior to Walla, she founded Studio Solutions, a boutique consulting firm, in 2015. Specializing in studio sales process, business metrics and management software, she quickly became an industry-leading expert.

Laura has worked with hundreds of fitness and wellness businesses worldwide. Her experience consulting along with managing a studio and teaching yoga for over 12 years, gave her first-hand glimpse into the challenges and opportunities of running a boutique studio. This led her to build Walla, a new platform for studios hoping to succeed in the new, hybrid wellness world. Laura’s San Diego resident, a movement enthusiast, and loves building communities around her passion to get more people moving.

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