Startups Give Back Mentors

Need advice on starting or scaling a social impact program? We’ll connect you
with professionals who have been there and done that at some of the most
recognizable companies on the planet.


Our Mentors

This exclusive group of social impact professionals is ready to help you turn your
company into an organization that makes a profit and a difference.

John Leonard – Startups Give Back Mentors

John Leonard

Senior Program Manager

Lisa Boyd – Startups Give Back Mentors

Lisa Boyd

Sr. Manager, Social Impact

Cheryl Timoney – Startups Give Back Mentors

Cheryl Timoney

Director, Customer Philanthropy

Rachel Katz – Startups Give Back Mentors

Rachel Katz

Global Volunteer Engagement Manager

Bari Saltman – Startups Give Back Mentors

Bari Saltman

Manager, LinkedIn for Good

Dinah Jean

Dinah Jean

Impact Program Manager

Teryll Hopper, Oracle

Teryll Hopper

Program Manager, Oracle Volunteers

Jake Speyer

Jake Speyer

Professional Services Analyst & Co-Founder of

Heather Jin

Heather Jin

Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & Co-founder of

Mallory Burke

Mallory Burke

Atlassian Foundation Advocate

Alissa May

Alissa May

Employee Engagement Manager

Anna Currin

Anna Currin

Global Program Manager
Okta for Good

Peggy Duvette

Peggy Duvette

Senior Director, Social Impact
Oracle NetSuite

“Both Alissa and Peggy were extremely helpful. They gave great advice on what makes a volunteering program successful and how to start one smoothly at a company where volunteer initiatives are new. We appreciate everything Startups Give Back did to connect us with these inciteful and helpful mentors. Both mentors encouraged me to reach back out to them with any additional questions as our volunteering program evolves which is truly an amazing resource since they both have impressive knowledge in this field.”
Sidney Browning
Course Hero

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