Do I have to work for a startup to volunteer at a Startups Give Back event?

No. Although Startups Give Back focuses on getting startups involved, you don’t have to work for one in order to participate. We welcome any business, or individual, in any industry that wants to make a difference.

Is it free to attend a Startups Give Back event?

Yes, it’s absolutely free to attend Startups Give Back events.

When do you typically run events?

Most of our events are during the week, but we do try to strike a balance between weekday and weekend events to accommodate people’s schedules. It really depends on the nonprofit or cause we’re helping.

How do I RSVP for events?

Check our event calendar first. As events get scheduled, that’s the first place they’ll show up at.

RSVPing opens one month before an event’s start date.

My company wants to get involved. How many people can I bring?

Depending on the size of the event, there’s no limit to the number of colleagues you can bring to a Startups Give Back event. However, we do require companies contact us if they want to bring a group of more than 10.

I would love a Startups Give Back chapter in my community. How can I make this happen?

Please refer to our chapter application page.

Is Startups Give Back only in the San Francisco Bay Area?

No. We’re currently creating new chapters around the United States with an end goal of launching them around the world. Take a look at our chapter page for more information.

Can I suggest a nonprofit or cause for Startups Give Back to get involved with?

Absolutely! We want to be involved with as many nonprofits and causes as possible. Wherever help is needed, we want the startup community to be there.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions.