We Make it Easy for Companies to Give Back

Startups Give Back makes it easy for employees to find opportunities to use
their time and talents to give back all while connecting with local professionals.

The Startups Give Back Experience

Urban Sprouts

Volunteering Events Organized for You

Startups Give Back does the heavy lifting. You and your team only need to show up ready to make a difference with fellow startups. It’s that easy.

Connect with Startups

Networking that’s Fun and Meaningful

Through Startups Give Back’s volunteering events, build meaningful connections with fellow startups while making a difference in your community.

Startups Give Back Volunteers

A Team Building Activity that Works

Startups Give Back enables your team to work together in a more meaningful, engaging way. It’s an experience they won’t forget.

Rachel Katz, Airbnb

“Startups Give Back is at the forefront of a movement encouraging the tech community to give back in a meaningful way. Any tech company looking for a fun way to engage their employees in social impact should check them out. I personally have enjoyed the beach cleanups and giving back to local low-income seniors!”

Rachel Katz

You're in Good Company

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