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Create meaningful connections with companies that can unlock future opportunities.

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Gain access to volunteers that can help with a project, provide strategic guidance, and more.

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In Case You Were Wondering

]The process of working with Startups Give Back is simple. We work with nonprofits to come up with a day, time, and total number of volunteers needed for an event. Once these are confirmed, Startups Give Back works on recruiting volunteers and handles the coordination of the event.

]The number of volunteers we can provide depends on your needs and the scope of the project. We’ve worked with nonprofits that only needed a handful of volunteers and others that needed larger groups.

There’s no limit to how often you can work with Startups Give Back. However, we do reserve the right to decline any inquiries.

The vast majority of volunteers in the Startups Give Back community work in the corporate sector with most being employees at tech companies. We do get students and other individuals from outside the corporate world attending volunteering events from time to time. 

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