Make a Difference in Your Community

Become a Startups Give Back Chapter Leader and rally local
companies to make a difference in your community.

Lead from the front

Nonprofits in your community are solving some of the biggest problems in the world and they need help. Build and lead a group of philanthropists to help these organizations accelerate their impact.

Best Buddies Volunteering Event - 2
“Startups Give Back is at the forefront of a movement encouraging the tech community to give back in a meaningful way. Any tech company looking for a fun way to engage their employees in social impact should check them out.”
Rachel Katz
Volunteers weeding a nearby community bathroom

Be the example

All it takes is one individual to create a wave of change. Who better to be that individual than you? Make your community a better place for generations to come.

Develop new connections

Build your network while empowering others to do the same.

Make a difference with peers

Volunteer alongside professionals from your community.

Usher in a new way to network

Be at the forefront of a more meaningful way to network.

Make it easy to give back

Host volunteering events that make it easy for companies to give back.

Build your resume

Bolster your resume and showcase how importance giving back is to you.

Spread awareness

Shine a spotlight on problems in your community with every volunteering event you organize.

Launch a Chapter in Your Community