Our Story

Our Mission

To make philanthropy a top priority for startups around the world instead of an afterthought.

Volunteers taking part in a packing activity

What is Startups Give Back?

Founded in 2014, Startups Give Back is the volunteering event where startups get out of their offices and work together to help nonprofits in their communities.

It's an opportunity for you to get away from your desk and make a meaningful difference — immediately.

A New Type of Networking

Startups Give Back is a new way to network. Instead of standing around having siloed conversations, like traditional networking events, you meet people from the startup community while actively making a difference.

Leadership Team

Jeremy Brown, Founder, Startups Give Back

Jeremy Brown

Olivia Cheung

Olivia Cheung
Social Impact Advisor

Chapter Leaders

Travis Wentworth, Startups Give Back Santa Cruz

Travis Wentworth
Startups Give Back Santa Cruz

Kunal Agrawal, Startups Give Back Vancouver

Kunal Agrawal
Startups Give Back Vancouver

Faye Teng - Startups Give Back Silicon Valley

Faye Teng 
Startups Give Back Silicon Valley