Launch and Lead Startups Give Back LA

Startups Give Back Los Angeles

Planting trees

Rally local companies to make an impact in your community

Create a wave of philanthropic giving that impacts local nonprofits by organizing volunteering events that bring companies — from startups to large enterprises — together.

Pioneer a new way of networking for LA professionals

Leading a chapter of Startups Give Back is an opportunity to ditch traditional networking events and pioneer a new way of forging meaningful relationships through volunteering.

Best Buddies Volunteering Event - 3

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“Now more than ever, the world needs changemakers like you to bring people together to make a
difference in communities around the globe. Startups Give Back is here to help you do it.”

– Jeremy Brown, Founder, Startups Give Back


Frequently asked questions

How much work is involved in running a Startups Give Back chapter?

If you’re capable of organizing a group of people (e.g. coworkers, friends, etc.), you can run a chapter of Startups Give Back.

The way chapter licenses are structured (apply to be a Chapter Leader to learn more) gives Chapter Leaders a ton of flexibility. This means running a chapter doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. On the flip side, it can take up a lot of time if you want it to (e.g. host multiple volunteering events a month).

What support does Startups Give Back provide?

Your experience as a chapter leader is extremely important to us.

Throughout the duration of your chapter license, we’ll support you every step of the way – from reaching out to companies to promoting your event (s). We’ll also train and give you access to our Chapter Leader Portal where you can find tutorials and best practices for running volunteering events.

Plus, you get direct access to the Startups Give Back team.

Does it cost money to operate a chapter?

The only potential cost a Chapter Leader would incur would be travel expenses – getting to and from a volunteering location (Startups Give Back does not cover travel expenses). Other than that, there aren’t any costs associated with running a chapter.

Ready to learn more?

Apply to Lead the LA Chapter