Mini bio

Jeremy Brown is the Founder of Startups Give Back, an Angel Investor (Keen Home, Roomi, and Level Therapy), Advisor to Educate2Envision, career marketer, but most importantly a person driven to progress humankind.

How I got here

OK, so that ends the super formal third-person mini bio segment. Now, let’s have a quick conversation about how I got to this point; how Startups Give Back came to be…for the inquiring minds.

In 2011 I joined a large company that had thousands of employees around the world. Money wasn’t a problem that’s for sure.

I was with the company for a little over a year. Not one time did we ever volunteer, or were we even encouraged to give back to our communities.

At the time, I didn’t think much about it. But when I left and joined an early-stage startup, my world changed.

I found myself volunteering with my new team the first week on the job. Volunteering became the norm with each class of new employees we did the same thing.

I quickly realized how effective volunteering was as a team building activity, especially for new hires, and how a culture full of philanthropic minds could impact a community.

I started asking myself one question: why is it that a small startup with limited resources is able to do more for a community than a large company that has endless resources?

It was that question that led me down the path of figuring out how I could get more companies to experience the benefits of philanthropy. The same benefits I experienced.

I knew only one way to do that: get them out of their offices and taking action! Thus, the birth of Startups Give Back in 2014.

Since its founding: We’ve organized over 20 volunteering events in the San Francisco Bay Area — great companies such as BuzzFeed, Salesforce, LinkedIn, AngelHack, and others have participated. We’ve launched chapters of Startups Give Back in Sacramento, Chicago, and New York City. And we’ve helped numerous nonprofits by supplying them with much needed volunteers.

Best part? We’re just getting started!

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