Startups Give Back Meetups

Meetups for social entrepreneurs, social impact professionals, and nonprofits in the
San Francisco Bay Area organized by Startups Give Back.
Breaking into Social Impact

Breaking into Social Impact

If you're interested in a career in social impact, the Breaking into Social Impact Series is for you. We organize panel talks featuring social impact professionals from companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, and Google to help people learn how they can start a career in the profession.

Changemaker Forum Live event

Changemaker Forum Live

Changemaker Forum’s (by Startups Give Back) live event where social entrepreneurs share the problems they believe are worth solving in the world and how their organizations are making a difference.

Social Impact Deep Dive

Social Impact Deep Dive

How do you create a social impact program from scratch? How do you measure social impact? These questions and more are answered at our Social Impact Deep Dive meetup. Get an inside peek at how the likes of Salesforce, Lyft, and Atlassian build and scale social impact programs.

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