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San Francisco, CA
1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco California 94132 US

About Empower Work

Empower Work is on a mission to create healthy workplaces where employees are valued, supported, and empowered.

While challenges at work are universal, resources to successfully deal with them are not.

Empower Work is the first anonymous, immediate, third-party support that puts the employee first. Anyone in the U.S. can talk with a trained peer counselor about a challenging situation via text or web chat. Simply text 510-Text: 510-674-1414. M-F 8:30-8:00 PT. Our goal is to help people navigate tricky work questions or tough work problems and come to an outcome they feel comfortable with.

Empower Work’s focus is truly on people. As a mission-driven nonprofit, any revenue goes back to ensuring we remain free and accessible.

 Here’s what users are saying about our impact:

  • 91% feel better after a conversation
  • In longer follow up surveys, over 88% say they took an action that resulted in desired outcome.

Three Ways to Support Empower Work:


Volunteer peer counselors are a critical part of Empower Work. Peer counselors support people from across the country who are grappling with tough work moments. Volunteers can field text or web chats from anywhere — your office, couch, or any space you feel comfortable and have secure internet.

Each volunteer commits to between 2 and 12 hours a week for 6 months. We provide robust training that improves your professional skills in active listening, management, and workplace dynamics. We have no limit for volunteers; anyone interested can fill out the application on our website.

Get started at


We strive for a world where everyone is equipped with the resources and knowledge to successfully deal with difficult challenges at in the workplace. Help us spread the word about our anonymous, immediate support to your company and community. Share our text line and info on Twitter. Sign up for our monthly newsletters at to stay up to date on ways to create healthy workplaces. 


With the support of many, we’re able to keep our services free and accessible to anyone who may need it. Donate to Empower Work and join the movement to empower all working people by visiting

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