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5760 Laurel Canyon Blvd, CA, United States
5760 Laurel Canyon Boulevard Los Angeles California 91607 US

Elevation Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on reducing suicide, bullying and depression by uniting humans to collectively solve issues and showing every individual their life is worth fighting for. Through after school programs, volunteerism, create opportunities and a community committed to empowering individuals, Elevation Society works to show every individual their life has meaning, purpose and power. Founded in 2016, Elevation Society has impacted over 13,000+ lives. Elevation Society has held over 18 events in 4 different states. Previous events include helping girls who were saved from sex trafficking, elderly, homeless, children in hospitals, domestic violence victims, orphans, children and adults with special needs, and more.

A more detailed description of our projects are below:

  • The Elevation Society after school program serves as a positive outlet allowing the students to individualize the art of giving back. Through the length of a semester students will work together to discover, research, analyze and work on solutions to societal issues plaguing this world. The students will have the creative freedom and support to put on PSA’s, events, social movements and more.
  • Elevation Society offers the opportunity for individuals to leave their mark on the world. Through “Create” Elevation Society collaborates with people in curating events and solutions to social issues they are passionate about.
  • Elevation Society provides content, challenges and reminders that empower individuals to take control of their own life. The community inspires readers to never give up, and educates individuals who want to join the journey on ending suicides.

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